The Smartlipo Atlanta Procedure

SmartLipo is a new and more refined method of fat removal than traditional liposuction. SmartLipo utilizes a laser to heat and melt the fat, disrupt the fat cells, and then suction out the melted fat cells and some of the fat. One of the main differences between SmartLipo and traditional liposuction is that the initial part of the treatment utilizes a very fine laser fiber to heat up the fat, melt them and disrupt the fat cells, which ends up giving you a much smoother result. The healing is much faster. The interesting thing about this machine is that it has three different wave lengths. It’s the newest and most modern lasers used for liposuction and we can custom design what which laser wave lengths we use depending on what area we’re treating in each individual patient.

One of the wave lengths is a wave length that’s absorbed by hemoglobin in our red blood cells to decrease the amount of bleeding and bruising in the procedure. So there’s much less bleeding, much less damage. The damage and incision done is much less smaller than traditional liposuction so it’s a much easier procedure with much less down time.┬áPatients are often able to return to their normal activities in a very short period of time.

Who are candidates for SmartLipo?

Good candidates for SmartLipo are people who are within 10-20 pounds of their ideal body weight and have localized areas of fat that they want to have some kind of treatment for. One of the advantages of SmartLipo is we can treat fat pretty much anywhere on the body. So we can treat the neck, the arms, chest, abdomen, flanks, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, pretty much anywhere that you have a localized area of fat that you’d like to have reduced. This can be done with an in-office procedure. For more information about SmartLipo Atlanta, visit Slimplasty.



How does Ultherapy Atlanta work?

Ultherapy treats the skin by bypassing the skin. The skin is not touched at all by this energy and you can target the depth. You can be at 4.5 millimeters under the skin, or at 3 millimeters under the skin, or at 1.5 millimeters below the skin. We can choose how deep we go depending on how thick your skin is and how thick your tissues are. That will vary on different parts of your face. Most people typically use a 3 and 4.5 millimeter depth for a lower face lift for example.

Taken from the Ultherapy Atlanta resource from Slimplasty, for the treatment itself, you will feel some level of discomfort. But, no worse than a Botox or other filler injection treatment. Some people are more sensitive than others. I’ve had this treatment as well, and I managed to get by the whole hour of treatment and go straight to work afterwards and carry on with the rest of my day as normal. Simple pain killers that you can get over the counter are absolutely fine.


Keep in mind however, that we need to be patient for these results. Collagen takes time to work. It takes at least 30 days to start growing. And then somewhere between thirty and ninety days to see some slight tightening and some slight lifting. Results are very subtle and because you look at yourself in the mirror on a daily basis, you may not see any results. It’s only when you see a before and after picture that you think, “oh wow that’s really amazing!” Some of the results can look as good as surgery. But generally speaking, we don’t say instead of surgery, it’s if you don’t want surgery, Ultherapy is the next best thing.

ultherapy information

Does Ultherapy replace Botox and Fillers?

It does something different from typical fillers. Ultherapy gives a lift to the lower face and the brow. If you’re having Botox for a brow lift, I will suggest that Ultherapy may do a better job over time. So after a year or so, you may find that you need less Botox treatments. So yes, in that instance, I think Ultherapy is the better option. However, the difference is that you don’t get the immediate effects like you would with Botox. You have to wait a few months.


Coolsculpting Atlanta with Angela Turner

The Coolsculpting Center in Atlanta is a division of our spa facilities. The Coolsculpting procedure is our only non-invasive body contouring procedure that we offer here and it is for the permanent elimination of fat. The science behind the Coolsculpting procedure involves a cooling temperature being applied to the fat cells to the point of rupture. At that point, the fat cell with be permanently eliminated from the body. This procedure ensures a 20-25% fat reduction in the area treated.

coolsculpting before after

The Coolsculpting procedure was implemented here in the spa for our patients who are wanting to know liposuction procedures but didn’t have the downtime for recovery and maybe who are a little apprehensive about going under anesthesia. This way we’re still able to offer them a permanent result without the actual surgery. No needles. No downtime. No surgery. Using the Coolsculpting specialist’s skillset, we’re able to offer each of our patients their own individualized plan, which will in turn offer them the most aesthetically pleasing results. While undergoing the Coolsculpting procedure here at Coolsculpting Atlanta, patients enjoy catered lunch service. They also enjoy flat screen televisions, equipped with Netflix and open WiFi. We have treated hundreds of patients to date and are extremely satisfied with our patients’ outcomes. We have many success stories to share and lots of before and after photographs to share with our patients upon consultation. We’re so happy to offer this procedure here at the Coolsculpting Center as it is our first non-invasive treatment that we’re able to offer our patients. If you’re interested in the Coolsculpting procedure, please see one of our staff members and they’ll be happy to set you up with a complimentary consultation or visit Slimplasty for more information.

Coolsculpting Atlanta Testimonial

I decided to have Coolsculpting done because I had stubborn fat areas that, unless I was able to spend two hours a day in the gym (which my work schedule does not allow), this was a much better alternative for me. Coolsculpting is more appealing to me because it’s non-invasive. So after having Coolsculpting I was finally able to get rid of my stubborn fat and now I feel like I look like I did when I was in college. I’ve noticed a lot more definition in my sides when I’m wearing clothes as well as a bathing suit. I think if people knew the process and how easy it was and how affordable it was, that they would probably consider doing it. -Stacy