Basic First Aid – Why it is Important to Get CPR Certified


Basic First Aid – Why it is Important to Get CPR Certified

Imagine this scenario: You made dinner for yourself and your eight-year-old son. He is eating heartily as you suddenly swallow a chicken bone. He has become lodged in your throat. You can’t breathe. You put a hand to your throat to indicate that you are choking, but your child only looks at you with fear and concern in his eyes. He has no idea what to do.

This is just one example of why everyone should learn CPR. There are many cases where a person who has undergone CPR training has saved a person’s life. Often it’s the people we know. Our baby may go underwater a little too long and we need to get the water out of his lungs and get his heart to beat again. Or maybe we have an elderly grandfather who collapsed while washing the dishes. What if I’m a kid? Do you ask for help? By then it may be too late.

Learning CPR is not difficult. In fact, it’s easy and it can be fun. You can find CPR training courses in your area. They are needed for many jobs, such as those in the medical field. Lifeguards are also required to learn CPR.

CPR training is often taught with a mannequin that looks very realistic. There are mannequins for children and there are mannequins for adults, so that you can practice both. If you are an adult with a small child, you should always know how to perform CPR in case something happens. Likewise, you should want your toddler to know about CPR Chicago so that he can do something in case he becomes incapable. Working on these dummies will give you or anyone else the experience needed to perform CPR on a real human.

It’s all about timing

When it comes to CPR, it’s all about timing. You only have a short window when it comes to when you can perform CPR to actually help the person. This is because the brain can only last so long without oxygen. And if the person is not breathing, there is no oxygen getting to the brain. Therefore, everyone should take a CPR course in case anyone around them becomes incapable.

This means that you may also need to perform CPR on a stranger. But wouldn’t you want a stranger to give you CPR if there was no one else? Sure you would. If everyone knew about CPR, there would be fewer deaths because more people would be saved. That is why everyone should have regular CPR training in order to maintain their certification.

Look for CPR training in your area and bring your younger children with you. You will feel better during and after the class, because you will feel more prepared in case something happens, which requires you to use the training you have been given.

First aid is the provision of initial or “before” care for an injury or illness. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a combination of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions to provide oxygen and artificial blood circulation to a person in cardiac arrest. It can be a life-saving first aid.

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