Father God and 666


Father God and 666

The possibility that God is a man or that men are made in ‘his’ picture is from wild longs for men who envisioned ascending to paradise and being a mate to the sun. While that recommendation sounds insane in the light of current information, it is in any case how religion began and many taught society actually trust it. After my resurrection and with a solid connect to the Spirit of the Universe, the genuine God, it charged me to destroy the mass of visual deficiency and religions and accumulate in the collect.

It has filled me with information and took me to Babylon to comprehend where the garbage came from that assembled the divider and shrouded the genuine God. Endless supply of bogus divine beings, fantasies, enchantment, and duplicity shaped the boundary of obliviousness and bogus expectation that is presently incomprehensible for anybody to bypass. The solitary method of separating it is to strip back the layers and uncover the roots.

Its establishment is sun love and that was the George Rutler lord of the people of yore who made the sun-star by a stone held towards the rising sun whereby its beams infiltrated a little opening. The outcome is an eminent great picture of moving rainbow shaded rings of light and fundamental to it is the right-calculated cross.

When strange notion was overflowing and anything that moved voluntarily was credited with divine powers the sun had all the capabilities of the Creator. It supports life, causes demise, ignites with its warmth, the earth passes on when it vanishes in winter, and it gets back with everything blasting into new life in spring.

The images conceived of it are the 7 lights of the Spirit and there are 7 candles at the special stepped areas of strict ceremonies. The number 5 methods life and the letter [S] has similar significance and means ‘soul’. The 5 point star of Islam represents the ‘soul of life’ and it sits over religions, establishments, governments, volunteer army, and the law. The podium in places of worship has five sides thus and youngsters stenciled their impressions on rocks showing 5 fingers after their introduction into adulthood.

Individuals of Babylon were the Amors and they stylised the sun-star into a lady named ‘Mary’ whom they could ‘wed’ and become stars in paradise as her mates. This is the beginning of the dad god picture that religions conceived of it depend on.

The Amors brought their religion into all pieces of the known world and they constructed Roma (switch Amor) and turned into the Romans. By then their past history is ‘lost’ or somewhat covered for nobody could separate the divider that was at that point set up.

Constantine was an Amorite who set up the Catholic Church dependent on the Islamic religion of Babylon. It has held similar images; petitions; schedule; celebrations; customs; request of administration; and the law. This is effortlessly checked. Its Christ was ‘Dagon’, half man half fish, from which comes ‘winged serpent’ Revelation 19:2.

This was the model for Jesus Christ which the sovereign set up and renamed Mary as the Mother of God. He utilized the Trinity to clarify the part of his Savior and how God sent him to earth to enable the Church and his standard over it. He is recognized in Revelation 13:12-18 as the one with the number 666. This implies that Constantine sits as Father God in the sanctuary of God (II Thessalonians 2: 4) and all the religions conceived of his wickedness.

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