Korea’s Love Affair With Golf


Korea’s Love Affair With Golf

At the nearby rec center, I figure out how to drag myself onto the treadmill in order to shed those undesirable additional pounds that have been crawling up on me as of late. Before me through the glass is a little golf training office. As I spat and puff my way on the treadmill, I watch in esteem as a long line of Korean ladies practice their swings by driving balls into a divider around 10 feet away.

Between shots, one amicable lady who seemed to be in her 30’s grins and waves at me while I sweat abundantly and pant for air. Later she enjoys a reprieve and offers me a portion of the Korean conventional bite rice cake and green tea. I thoughtfully acknowledge and asked her how long she’s been playing golf. “I just began playing a year ago”, she guarantees in extremely broken English. “With my two children in school, I have heaps of time to rehearse”.

This made me consider the association between two of Korea’s primary fixations, schooling and golf. As well as going to their standard government funded school, Korean understudies learn at numerous private institutes in an assortment of subjects including, English, math, science and music. With their kids being in school the entire day and frequently sometime later; and their spouses typically working 12 to 16 hour days, Korean moms (or as we call them in Korean ‘ajummas’) have a lot of time to chip away at their golf match-ups.

This would clarify why the exercise center is brimming with ajummas hitting golf balls into a divider in the early evening. The reason for this article  du học hàn 
isn’t to disparage Korean moms. Obviously ajummas all buckle down on the home front in focusing on the requirements of their spouses and kids. Being a housewife is a troublesome occupation in itself.

What I find intriguing is the number of ladies play golf in Korea, contrasted with my nation of origin Canada. While I have no particular measurements, apparently the proportion of people golf players in Korea is far nearer than in Canada. So for what reason do Korean ladies cherish golf to such an extent?

The lady’s golf development appeared regardless Se-Ri Pak’s triumph in the 1998 US Open. After Pak’s colossal triumph, numerous guardians began placing their little girls into golf exercises. This is a genuine illustration of Korean mother’s pack mindset. When one mother places their little girl into golf, numerous moms follow. All the more as of late, ajummas have been placing their girls into figure skating exercises after Yu-Na Kim’s triumph in the World Figure Skating Championships a year ago.

Korean accomplishment on the LPGA visit as of late has been unmatched. Notwithstanding Pak, who has 24 vocation LPGA wins, Ji-yai Shin has won 4 LPGA occasions, including a year ago’s British Open title. Shin, alongside Ji Young Oh, In-Kyung Kim, Eunjung Yi, and Eun-Hee Ji (champ of the US Open) are on the whole Korean ladies who have guaranteed triumphs on the LPGA visit this year alone.

For what reason are Korean ladies so fruitful on the LPGA visit? Much can be ascribed to Koreans conventional solid hard working attitude and core interest. When ability in young ladies is perceived, Korean guardians push them to prevail in manners new to numerous guardians in the West. Korean ladies are workhorses who focus exclusively on golf. The Korean attitude isn’t anything merits doing in the event that you don’t succeed. What’s more and maybe generally significant, numerous Korean organizations support the most skilled players, dispensing with any monetary weights the golf players may confront.

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