Native Instruments – Helping DJs Find Their Creativity


Native Instruments – Helping DJs Find Their Creativity

In 1995 Stephan Schmitt had a vision. Working as a hardware engineer developing mixing desks, he had an idea to solve the limitations of bulky hardware by using a PC as a powerful instrument; a computer-based sound-generation platform. Working with Volker Hinz he made this vision a reality and together they developed Generator. Since then, Native Instruments have continued to be at the forefront of innovation in DJing and production tools. Their most recent offering to the music industry is a newer version of their popular Traktor range.

The line of professional hardware and software pieces are designed to bring creativity and advanced technology to all DJs, whether they are playing professionally in the club or at home. Products in the range include Traktor Duo 2 and Pro 2 (DJ software), Traktor Scratch Duo 2 and Pro 2 (Digital Vinyl System) and Traktor Kontrol S4 – a fully integrated DJ system. Each Traktor product comes with T2 Technology Inside, TruWave waveforms, track overview, Instant Loop, iTunes integration and iPod compatibility, recording function, automatic beat detection and automatic beat gridding. Individually though, they have their differences.

Traktor Duo 2 and Pro 2 replace the older versions with the ultimate in DJing software. With two track decks plus sample deck slots and a fixed crossfader on the Duo 2 and four individually switchable decks on the Pro 2 with assignable crossfader, beginners or professionals will find a package to suit them.

Scratch Duo 2 and Pro 2 have a Timecode Control function for use with vinyls and/or CDs for ultimate playability. Duo 2 interfaces with Traktor Audio 6, has two track decks with sample deck slots and fixed crossfader, whilst Pro 2 goes up a level with four switchable track decks and assignable crossfader and an audio interface with Traktor Audio 10. Pro 2 would be perfect for club installation, whilst Duo 2 is more suitable for beginners.

The Pro 2 versions of Traktor and Scratch both give the user options to customise deck details and layout. In addition to the standard Instant Loop there is a Loop Recorder function, an impressive 30+ effects, four assignable FX units, Xone and Classic filters, internet broadcasting and synchronisation with other performance tools, such as Maschine. The Duo 2 versions still provide a substantial six effects, two fixed FX units and Xone filter.

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