Online Games for the Family


Online Games for the Family

Kids love computers and will spend too much time playing games if they can get away with it. Some of the games are educational and children can learn something while having fun. Many parents who are trying to control what their children do will find some online games for the family so that everyone can play together. We have seen a game called “Qwirkle” that is suitable for all age groups.

Quirkle is kind of a cross between Scrabble and Dominoes, but the tiles have colored shapes rather than dots or letters. These tiles are the main feature of the game and they fill the board and while you don’t have to spell words, there are rules about where you can place tiles.

The tiles are made in six colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. There are also six shapes, flower, square, circle, sunburst, star, and diamond. These can form around six combinations of which there are three of each.

To start the game, you are allowed five tiles that can be displayed in front of you as you would domino tiles. Now here comes another similarity to dominoes; When you put a tile, it can match the same color but different ยูฟ่าเบท  shape, or it can match the same shape and different color. There is a point that will be scored for each tile you place on the board and for the other tiles in the same column or row.

You can get double points if you do a Quirkle. What is a Quirkle? It’s when you get a column or a row that contains all six possible combinations of shapes and colors. It is possible to add up your points from more than one column or row within a turn.

Each time you place a tile you must take another until the bag is empty, then you will continue playing until you have used all your tiles. When all the tiles are used, total your score and the player with the highest score is the winner.

This is a great family game because it is easy for even young children to learn the rules. It is also a smooth game, so you have a chance to chat while playing.

So to sum it up, this is fun yet relaxing and something the whole family can get together and have fun at.

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