The Benefits of Owning a Town Portal


The Benefits of Owning a Town Portal

Owning your own portal, especially in the current economic climate, can have many advantages for the owner and huge benefits for the community. In times of financial crisis, when local retail establishments are desperate for new and repeat customers, a portal to the city they are in can be a great source of advertising for very little money compared to regular establishments.

A web portal is a way to provide people with a simple access point to many of the services you offer. A town or city portal can be the starting point for people to get services offered locally, rather than searching for those services on the Internet. By creating a portal, you can provide community event calendars, announcements from businesses and charities, bulletin boards for information sharing and chat, access to local maps, weather and shopping. In short, a town or city portal is a stopping point for anyone in the local area to find what they’re interested in.

Portals can also be customized for the user. You can offer menus depending on whether the visitor is a businessman, a consumer, a municipal employee or a tourist interested in what your city has to offer. The potential to attract business can be a substantial incentive for local businesses to advertise on your portal, as long as you have the traffic to justify your advertising fees. If you live in a community with a university, business school, or college, a web portal is an ideal place to direct these students to your own business as well as other local businesses.

Advertising on a local portal is often much less than placing an ad on the local community radio, television, newspaper or magazine or tabloid. Your advertising revenue will more than pay for server costs, while providing local business owners with the advertising they need at a manageable cost.

By providing an inexpensive and effective method for local advertisers to promote their business, you not only provide a valuable public service to your community, but you also earn a steady stream of advertising revenue. If you wish, you can also promote your own products and services.

Many Internet users prefer portals to individual searches. How many people use portals like “the big 3”, ie Yahoo, Google and MSN? They do this because it’s much Quickpayportal  easier than accessing multiple bookmarks and different websites. Everything they need is in one website. They can navigate to their personal accounts, groups they belong to, bulletin boards, social sites, shopping sites and just about anything else you can imagine.

When you establish a portal with your community or city as the theme, you essentially establish a visitor base even before you make the site available. Once people in your city know about the portal, you will have a stream of traffic that will bring you income, as well as providing great community service!

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